mortgage funding

8-flat in Chicago, IL

Looking for financing on fully-occupied 8-unit in Chicago. Sales price $200,000; building value $280,000. Rent is low in that area, each unit is going for an average of $425/mo.

Borrowers have credit in the 500’s excellent repayment history, except one has a 1—90 on a Capital One card and the other has a medical collection and a perfect mortgage history. Great income; attorney w/ 60K & health care w/ 52K. Looking to do seller carryback for LTV balance. Borrowers are prepared to invest $10K-15K. If this has to go towards the purchase price, were looking for concession in closing costs.

90%non-owner occ in Ohio

I am looking for a 90% non-owner occupied loan in Ohio with a loan amount of aproximately $500,000. My borrower is buying a model home from a well-established builder, then the builder is doing a triple net lease for 1 1/2 to 2 yrs, after which the builder will sell the home for the borrower at no commission cost. The borrower gets to keep the profit. Great deal, strong borrower, any suggestions as to an investor?

95%LTV Investment Purchase 4 Units

I also need a loan for a a four apt. complex, two townhouses and two apts connected, with the buyer living in one of the townhouses. The income is over 2,000.00 per month. Buyer has a 565 credit score, plenty of income no problem there. Would like 95 to 100% loan if possible as buyer has money to build another four apt complex on same property for more income. Would like to reserve there money for the new construction, instead of down payment. The property is in Alabama if anyone has someone who can do this loan.

90% NINA (Stated)

I need a 90% or higher LTV NINA (Stated) with a middle scores of 570 and 578. Perfect mortgage history, reason for low scores is maxed out credit card debt.
About 306000 loan amount. What rate can this be done at. Any suggestions? Borrowers are in Illinois.

95% LTV for 590 Score

Chicago, Illinois, I need a 95% LTV (one loan) for a 590 FICO with one trade line with a 10 month history car. Borrower has another car paid off for 43 months.
Rental from private landlord.
I need to be able to use the Ameridream Program and seller concession of 3%. The seller is willing. Thanks.