30 Days Late

I’ve been in the servicing side of a large mortgage company for 4 years and we’ve had the issue posed as well. When we send our tapes to the credit bureau for our code indicates that we are sending it in as 30 days / 1 month late !!! Most all credit agencies then interpret that as 30 days late/ We fought it and won many times over. Our original notes usually have something indicating that 1 month past due is considered 30 days late. With ones that want to fight the issue it is up to the credit report agency themselves to determine how they want to interpret the 30 days / 1 month we’re sending.
Absolutely not! Demand that Countrywide (by the way, get as many first and last names as possible) fax you a letter immediately saying it was never late, on their letterhead, specifying the exact loan # and have it signed. If they do not move immediately, inform each an every one of the individuals that you have names on, that if they do not have an upper level manager take care of it as you speak, that each one of them will be named in a federal lawsuit your attorney is getting ready to file as soon as you get off the phone with them. The thought of having to hire an attorney (minimum cost of about $5000) to just defend yourself in a federal court basically drives the point home loud and clear. Don’t let them push you around. You hold all the aces!