I actually have had two deals (big ones indeed) of individual brokers representing themselves as employees of certain INVESTORS. I sent my package to these people. Found out later they didn’t work for the company they said they did…..and they even was “pasting” and taping the logo on the approvals and etc. Basically they were trying to close my loan in their name! EQUI-FIRST was the first one. They had no offices in Texas where this doofus said and they didn’t know who he was. After confronting him on this…….he then referred me to a bank (this guy was a “buddy” of his that could help me)……they all tried to “hose” me and the deals blew up before I could close them because of the three months B.S. we all endured. Why did I stay with him the three months?

Arkansas/Oklahoma Broker

I am looking for a broker who has an active Arkansas, and an active Oklahoma brokers license, (not a net branch) that would like to team up with an agressive newcomer to the business, and gain an additional 15-20 loans per month at a reasonable fee. All my work is done above board, legal, and VERY Honest! Looking to do something TODAY.


I paid for an appraisal for a customer because I believed she was going to do the loan. (I know, I am stupid for that!!!) She refuses to pay for the appraisal and back out of the deal. She is threatening me to sue me if I don’t give her a copy. Do I have to give her a copy of it even though she didn’t pay for it?

anyone know of source to call on

I would appreciate if someone might be able to provide someone i know with some assistance or guide him with information on the best program(s) or source he should call on for this situation: there purchasing a 115,000 home loan amount $92,000 with 23,000 down. I have the first two pages of ’98 & ’99 tax returns, including Sched. C (P&L from Business), and have sent my 1099 for year 2000 ($137,000). Since I work overseas, the 2000 return is still being prepared. My 1099 for 2001 will (I hope) be no more than $150,000. I have also sent 2 months bank statements. However, with divorce under way, he is wanting not to have the ex cause him a problem buying. he has his personal funds in a bank in Copenhagen ( at present, about $36,000). If at all possible, he would like not to want that account information included in files that can become public to his ex. He has a home in New York with a $185K mortgage, and probable market value of $400K. Other than the mortgage on that of ($1377/mo.), and Volvo lease, and a Visa ($3,500), he has no other debts. were trying to get or looking for a “reasonable” mortgage rate, meaning pretty close to market rate…….he won’t proceed if the rate gets inflated to high.