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Adult Faith Development


“Religious education is a lifetime process; the quest for meaning, significance, self-actualization. It is much more than a mastery of subject matter; it is learning of the heart, the striving to find one’s highest and finest relationship to the universe. It is not confined to Sunday morning or to a Biblical tradition. Religion is not a way of looking at certain things; it is a certain way of looking at everything.”          


 ~ Rev. Ann B. Fields



Welcome to our Adult Faith Development page where you will find descriptions and schedules of this year’s workshops, lectures and films.  All scheduled programs are free of cost and open to members and non-members.  Be warned, things can sometimes change so please keep checking in to note date, place or program modifications. 




Coming to our Adult Faith Development program this Spring

Building Your Own Theology

This six-session workshop will be presented  by  Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi and Gerry Peet on the following Sundays at 11:30:   February 21, March 13, March 20, April 10, April 24 and May 15.


A bit about this series: 

Written and revised by Rev. Richard S. Gilbert, BYOT asks its participants to search their past and present experiences to find their deepest meanings, values and convictions out of which they live their lives.  This is no easy task.  There are challenges in exploring diverse theological concepts and pondering what beliefs have taken up residence in your thinking and behavior.  You may find yourself surprised and uncertain at times, but ultimately your rewards will be clarity and renewal.  



What if I have to miss a session, will I need a note?

While attending all sessions reaps the most benefit, missing a session is not a problem.  With everyone’s crowded schedule, it would be unrealistic  to assume everyone will be there every time.


Is Building Your Own Theology a UU curriculum?

Why yes it is.  It has a long history in UU congregations and, without having even one single fact to back this up, I am going to say that every, well almost every, congregation repeats this offering over the course of several years.


Can I just go online and take this workshop on my own?

I guess so but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Taking it within the supportive circle of your Minister and your friends is the way to go.


Will there be homework?

Yes.  Do you have a dog?  Might be a good time to get one.


What if I’m an atheist?

This is for you as much as anyone else.

Can non- UUs attend?

Absolutely. We’d love to have them.


Is there registration?

Glad you asked.  Yes.  We would never turn you away if you didn’t register but it would be very, very helpful if you RSVP’d to Susan Peet if you plan to come.  This helps us structure the class and work out any logistics about space and food.  Please respond by  February 18th but since Feb 18this so far away and you’re likely to forget, why not email speet024@gmail.comright now with the good news of your participation.


Is there food?

Since the timing of this workshop is from 11:30 to 1:00, it is likely you will be hungry and we can’t have noisy stomachs diverting our attention.  Therefore, we will provide some nourishment for a small contribution each session or you can BYOF to BYOT.  (key: F is for food).


Is there child care available?

Yes but please let Susan know the ages of your children when you respond.




Parents as Spiritual Guides


We are pleased to announce that we will be offering this exceptional, time-tested workshop over five non-consecutive Sundays for all those charged with tending to the spiritual development of children and youth.  Parents, foster parents, grandparents, teachers and all care-givers will benefit from this thoughtful and practical exploration of the "big questions" and the even "bigger discoveries" related to the spiritual dimension of life. This course offers both insight and support to all care-givers who choose to take on the important role of "companioning" children through the natural unfolding of their religious ideas.



October 25, November 8, November 15, December 13. January 10


Time:  12:30 – 1:45


Facilitator:  Heather Hewitt, Ph.D. 

We feel fortunate to be led in this workshop by Heather, a highly accomplished professor, writer and social advocate involved in a diverse range of issues and interests including gender studies, mothering, cultural studies and allergies in children.


Alternating Co-facilitators:  Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi, Jane Podell, Susan Peet


Child-care will be available.


Please RSVP to Susan Peet at speet024@gmail.com if planning to attend.  Attendance at all sessions is not necessary but is encouraged!




Films and Discussion


Green Sanctuary will continue to look at Climate Change this coming church year, but with a focus on solutions. We will be sharing the film year with the Social Action committee by alternating months with them. Our first film will be the last episode of “Years of Living Dangerously” with a discussion afterwards on different ways to tax carbon.  Then in November we will be part of a nationwide religious community action network preparing us for the United Nations Climate Change talks in Paris in December. The film “Wisdom to Survive” covers all the aspects Climate Change in an inspiration manner stating that we will need strong communities to survive the consequences of Climate Change. In addition, Green Sanctuary will have five DVD’s of “ Wisdom to Survive" for home viewing in lending library manner for families to take home and view together with the discussion guide attached. The films in February and April will be solution oriented with “Carbonation” in February and “Transitions “ in April.


Dates are: September 25th, November 20th, February 26th and April 29th

Time:  7-9pm


Contact Daria Gregg with any questions at: Dariaweb@verizon.net



Social Action Committee is sponsoring a film/discussion series that underscores our commitment to the LGBTQ communities within our denomination.  The Welcoming Congregation is a program of the UUA that guides congregations  through a series of intentional steps to be more inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  The primary focus of this year’s films and discussions will be on the community of transgender people.


Dates:  October 30, January 29, March 25, May 27

Time:  7:30 – 9:30


Contact Lorraine Keegan with any questions at:  lorraine.keegan@yahoo.com


Our Animal Ministry was established to advance the well-being of all living things.  We base our efforts upon our seventh principle of faith that affirms the interdependent web of existence.  Two films will be shown this year, preceded by a vegetarian potluck and followed by discussion. 
Dates:  Nov. 13 and Apr. 15
Time:  7:00 for Potluck

Contact George Coniglio with any questions at: george3000@optonline



Please email Susan Peet with any general questions at: speet024@gmail.com


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