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Rites of Passage


The marking of life’s passages and stages is an important part of Unitarian Universalist practice. Rites of Passage mark transitions beginning with birth and ending in death.


The Fellowship and the Minister provide rites of passage to contributing members without any fee. The minister is available for rites of passage for non-members for the fees listed below. Please note that in cases of need, the fees are negotiable.


             Dedication or Naming

This celebration marks the birth or adoption of a child and his or her welcome into the family and, when the parents are members of the congregation, into the religious community. The family and community of the child dedicate themselves to supporting and loving the child, helping to raise the child to be their own person. Fee for non-members: $250


Services of Marriage join two persons, whether of the same or opposite sexes, in a lifelong commitment of love. Marriage has both a civil and religious component and the minister has the authority to administer both components. The minister and couple together determine the shape and wording of the service.  Fee for non-members: $500 plus current IRS mileage allowance 


       Funerals and Memorial Services

Funerals and memorials remember a person who has died and provide a time and place for those who survive to grieve. A funeral involves the presence of the body or ashes and burial or internment. A funeral usually occurs soon after death. A memorial service may occur weeks or even months after the death and involve more of the survivors in the service than at a funeral. Fee for non-members: $250, with committal or eulogy, $300, plus current IRS mileage allowance.




Rites of Passage within the Congregation Community


Coming of Age

At the seventh or eighth grade level, religious education students participate in a program that affirms their identity as Unitarian Universalists and prepares them for membership in the congregation.


In the Bridging Ceremony, the passage from teenager to young adult, we symbolically walk our graduating high school seniors out of a circle of teenagers into a new and independent life. This ceremony publicly acknowledges that the individual is no longer a child, but an adult with all the rights and responsibilities that accompany this stage of life. The Bridging Ceremony also ritually confirms that the new young adult will have continuing support from teenage friends, parents, and adults from our UU community, but in a new and more mature context.



Dedications, marriages, and funerals or memorials can take place at the Fellowship or other locations. Contact The Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi, Minister, at 914-271-1044, or revdrlenzi@gmail.com for more information. See the rental section of this website if you wish to hold your ceremony at the Fellowship.


Coming of Age and the Bridging Ceremony are part of the religious education program. Contact Jane Podell, Director of Religious Education, at janeuu@aol.com.

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