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Saying Grace

  • 11/27/2014 12:32 PM
    Message # 3159096
    If you will be sharing a meal today, I invite you to say grace, even if normally you don't. If you are looking for something to say, I offer you this.

    Spirit of Life and Love,

    God of many names.

    We give thanks for the good laid before us.

    We give thanks for the hands that planted it,

    that coaxed into bearing fruit,

    that harvested it,

    that prepared it

    and brought it to our table.

    We give thanks for the earth that makes our lives possible,

    for the soil, rain, sun and winds that made this feast possible.

    We give thanks for the companions gathered here.

    For their wonderful and quirky ways.

    For the love we share, the friendships that bind us,

    the support we offer each other.

    We give thanks for this day.

    And for all the days of our lives.

    Blessed be.


    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, friends!!

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