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  • 12/17/2014 8:19 PM
    Message # 3172118
    There are so many different ways to spell this holiday, but however you spell it, it is a holiday of light and miracles. It is about the unexpected, the almost un-hoped for, the perhaps longed for but unasked for... 

    The story, of course, is about a small amount of oil lasting far longer than it should have. To everyone's surprise, the oil burns for eight days instead of just one. 

    This is a time of year when we light a lot of lights. People put candles in their windows, we put up twinkle lights on trees, around gutters, along banisters, we light menorah candles in increasing numbers each night. The light is like an invitation, an invitation to come inside. A reminder that someone is home. A sign that doors are open and we are welcome. All are welcome. 

    And not only are all people welcome, but the unexpected is welcome. The miracle that we daren't hope for is welcome. The gift of life, of magic, of miraculous doings. All of that is welcome. 

    This is a season for opening our doors, despite the cold, opening our hearts and windows and letting in whatever might come our way. 

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