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"Share the Plate" at UUCHV


Every Sunday an offering is collected to support the ministry of the UUCHV, with a portion of the non-pledge offering monies donated to a specific non-profit organization on a monthly basis. The Share the Plate Program is one way  the UUCHV affirms and supports the Unitarian Universalist Principles which calls for us to outreach and generously serve our local, as well as our international communities. 


During the month of February, The Social Justice Committee suggests we “Share the Plate” Sandy Recovery -Resurrection Brooklyn.  

In November of 2012, Superstorm Sandy caused unprecedented and wide spread devastation along the Mid-Atlantic Coast in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and as far as eastern Ohio.  Many people were without permanent housing and dealt with overwhelming property loss.  

The Central East Region’s Disaster Relief Fund was created in 2012 to aid UU congregations, members and their neighborhoods to assist with storm damage clean up, rebuilding and renewal efforts.  Shelter Rock and CERG developed a three year grant for the Metropolitan area.  The expired in  June of 2015.  Several churches from the Central East Regional Group sent teams to clean up affected neighborhoods.  Restoration and repair to the afflicted areas is estimated to take three to eight years.  A team from from the UUCHV has gone three times to assist in the rebuilding of two locations in Brooklyn- the first time in March, 2014 the second in June of 2014, and the third in April 2015.  

There is still plenty of work to be done.  For the month of February,  the SJC suggests the UUCHV “Share the Plate” with Resurrection Brooklyn Relief whose current mission is to serve the survivors of Superstorm Sandy in rebuilding and relocation efforts in coastal south Brooklyn neighborhoods.




We welcome suggestions for 'Share the Plate' offerings.   Please give your suggestions to Bearni Croft.


Thank you, Bearni Croft and the Social Justice Committee


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