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Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the
Hudson Valley

What is a Member?


Here is the relevant excerpt from the UUCHV By-Laws. 



Section 4.0  Any person age 16 or older, without regard to affectional or sexual orientation, gender identification or expression, age, race, ability, national origin or ethnicity, may become a member of the Congregation upon the following actions: 


(1) the person attests his or her sympathy with the principles of Unitarian Universalism in a meeting with the Minister and by signing the membership book;

(2) the person pledges to contribute personal service and fulfill a personally significant annual monetary pledge; and

 (3) the Board of Trustees votes to confirm the person’s membership. 


Membership will continue each year as long as the member contributes personal service and fulfills a personally significant annual monetary pledge.



Section 4.1  The Board of Trustees shall review membership annually. 


The Board of Trustees may remove a person from membership if, during a Congregation year, the member has not participated, contributed personal service, made a personally significant annual monetary pledge during the annual stewardship drive or satisfied the member’s monetary pledge.


Section 4.2.  No member of the Congregation may be an employee of the Congregation.

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